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New year... better sleep?

What can be better than waking up completely refreshed after a good night's sleep? In my opinion, NOTHING could top this. Moreover, several studies have shown that good quality sleep increases our well-being, protects our health, improves the ability to retain information and makes us more creative, productive and efficient. So why not make our sleep a priority during this new year? We still have time to include it as part of our new year's resolutions.

Here are some ideas on how to prepare for bed and improve our sleep throughout 2018.

• Your room, your sanctuary.

The environment in which we sleep has a significant influence on our sleep quality. To improve this, let your five sense guide (1) Sight: keep your room as dark as possible. However, if you prefer to keep some light, you can use soft, warm lights (coloured red, orange or yellow). Avoid blue lights entirely. (2) Hearing: try to reduce noise as much as possible, and if silence bothers you, use white noises (soft sounds like waves). (3) Smell: Try lavender or chamomile air fresheners. These are known for their relaxing and sleep-inducing effects. (4) Touch: The mattress and pillows you use are essential for a good night's sleep. Please make sure they are comfortable and remember that mattresses should be changed every seven years and pillows every year.

• Create a routine!

One way to improve our quality of sleep is to establish a relaxing routine before going to bed, which includes activities such as: taking a bath, reading a book, listening to music, etc. Having a sleep routine helps us disconnect from the day's activities and prepare us physically and mentally for sleep.

* Tip: Make small changes to your routine every day, preventing it from becoming more of a duty than a pleasure.

• Meditate.

Meditating is a simple practice that helps calm the mind and reduce stress and anxiety levels, one of the leading causes of primary insomnia. Also, this is a practice that does not have to be complex or time-consuming. Today there are a large number of meditation tools such as Headspace (www. Headspace) or Calm (www.calm.com) that have a large number of short meditations (10 minutes on average).


Although it is not advisable to do intense exercises during the afternoon or night, doing yoga is an activity that helps us to release muscle tension, manages stress levels and calms the mind. Therefore, you might be interested in giving it a try!

Happy new year everyone!

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